GaitAid Users Testimonials

  • Overcome Freezing
    "As soon as I tried it my mobility improved tremendously! For the first time in over a year I am already walking without a cane. I am so impressed and so grateful."

    Daniel Neal,
    Palm Springs, CA
  • Ben Weinstock, Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Ben Weinstock

    I have been using the Gait Aid system in my practice for more than four years, on approximately thirty patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

    Almost all of them had freezing of gait which was alleviated by using the Gait Aid’s visual and auditory cueing system. As freezing of gait is closely related to falling, any technique or device that can prevent falls (and further disability) is a blessing.

    Their responses were carried over for several months after physical therapy was stopped; it is possible that the Gait Aid facilitates brain plasticity despite the fact that these patients have a neurodegenerative disease.

    The GaitAid has become a mainstay of my treatments, as it provides visual and auditory cues during gait training. All too often therapy concentrates on movements but neglects sensory inputs. With the GaitAid it is easy to provide true "sensorimotor" physical therapy. The biggest surprise is that it even helps chronic conditions and late-stage Parkinson's.

    In my professional opinion, the Gait Aid is an important tool for rehabilitation.

    Dr. Ben Weinstock
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Claire Sagnières, MD
    Geneva, Switzerland Claire
    "In 2008, I started to experience strong freezing that would make me fall on my knees up to 25 times per day.

    Right on the first day, after using the GaitAid for 5 minutes, I walked all day long without falling at all!
    Since then, I used it 5 minutes per day and I never fall on those days when I use it. My knees aren’t covered in wounds anymore.

    It’s now been two years that I’ve been using this device and its effect hasn’t decreased. Quite the opposite actually, since I’m more confident and I walk for longer periods of time.

    For now I’m still not cured, since the symptoms will come back if I stop using it…but I’m able to live as though I was cured."
  • Jeanne Crace
    Hamilton, Alabama
    Jeane Crace
    “I have gained so much in the past year, My Freezups are now non existent except at times when I am in a large crowd, and my walking has improved so much I don’t need to use my scooter .I still take my cane just for that feeling of security .

    My coordination in getting dressed has also improved considerably. Two weeks ago Dan and I took a 7-day vacation to Florida and South Alabama where I got to go fishing and walk barefoot on the beach, also caught more fish than Dan. I am so thankful I can now recapture many of the things I have been missing like Travel, Family visits, Fishing, Camping, Shopping, And music.”
  • I received the GaitAid Walker and my first 2 sessions have been very encouraging. I was able to walk faster than normal and without freezing -- also I walked much more than I'm typically able to do.

    I even walked around the block this afternoon which I haven't been able to do in many, many months.
    I am very excited to see what happens in the weeks to come!

    Rita Hussung
  • I've been doing it almost every day --Today is the 1st day I Haven't used it In About 2 wks.

    When I 1st Read about only walking with them for about 20 minutes--I thought--Boy, are they Wimps ?? But that 1st day I took right off & walked for around a 1/2 Hour or 45 minutes--The next day I could Hardly Move ???
    Then Nancy -- My Wife -- Reminded me -- I Haven't walked very much since 2006 --A nd since I've been having Problems Breathing for about 4 yrs--I get tired out Pretty Fast

    But It's really Helped me take off walking without a cane or anything else !!!!
    Thank You
    Barney Speicher
  • "I'm just so excited! The gait training gadget is working for George. The minute he put it on he walked down the hall without me helping him start up. So you can imagine how excited we are!"
    Carol Stringer,
    Palo Alto, CA
  • "Before using the Virtual Walker, I was very afraid to walk, it was impossible to keep up with anyone. I couldn't walk without my walker. I couldn't even open the front door of the apartment without losing my balance. I would only take my walker to the bathroom, not anywhere else.

    Now I go downstairs to get the mail and wander around the apartment. I didn't notice the change in my walking, my wife did. Now I practice up to 4 times a day.
    Thank you for such a beautiful product."
    Steve Friedman,
    PD and MS patient,
    Brooklyn, NY
  • "I ordered the gaitaid for my father. He now calls it his magic box. As soon as he put it on he was able to walk through doorways without freezing. He wore just the audio to play golf and won the round. Is it the sound and video together that might retrain his brain?

    I am sold on it. We have been telling everyone about it. Dad took it to his last doctor's appointment to show it off.

    We think it is fantastic. From the moment my Dad put it on he stopped freezing. We took a walk on Thanksgiving with the device on and my Dad actually skipped. I hope you will get my message on the forum also. Thank you for your support and for the GaitAid."
    Debra Snook,
    Clarkston WA
  • "My father is 68 years old. He has been suffering from Parkinson disorder for 10 years. He has been using Audio-Visual Walker device almost a year. From the first time he used the device I could see huge improvement. The most important thing was that from the freezing state he often suffered, he could walk again free. Now he no longer has problems with walking and walks like a healthy person. He doesn't need to use the device any more."
    Itay Kavaler,
  • "When Jerry puts on the glasses and uses the device his gait is so markedly improved that I wouldn't automatically perceive that he has Parkinsons."
    Leah Strauss,
    Julian, CA

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